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Travel with a peace of mind at your desired pace and schedule. Our modern, comfortable cars and friendly drivers are at your service. Whether you are traveling alone, or with company, we will make sure you reach your destination with ease.

Family-owned agency

Amico Tours is a family-owned agency based in the stunning city of Dubrovnik, with a wealth of experience in creating and offering unique and unforgettable experiences and one-day tours.

With over 15 years in the industry, we have developed an unparalleled understanding of what makes a truly remarkable travel experience.

As a family-operated business, we take pride in going above and beyond for our clients. Our team is passionate about sharing our love for this beautiful region and showcasing its hidden treasures.

We are experts in curating tailor-made tours that cater to your specific interests and preferences, ensuring that every moment of your time with us is filled with joy, excitement, and memories to cherish.

Amico Tours is a family-owned agency

Dubrovnik is a destination brimming with culture, history, and natural beauty. With our extensive local knowledge and insider access, we are able to offer you an authentic and immersive experience that truly captures the essence of this enchanting city.

Whether you are interested in exploring the historic Old Town, embarking on an adventure off the beaten path, or indulging in the mouthwatering local cuisine, we have the perfect tour designed just for you.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just creating exceptional experiences. We understand the importance of convenience and comfort during your travels, which is why we take care of all the logistics, leaving you free to relax and enjoy every moment. Our team of professional and friendly guides will be by your side every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and stress-free journey.

At our agency, we believe that travel is not just about visiting a destination, but about creating lasting connections and memories. We take great pride in the fact that many of our guests leave as friends, cherishing the experiences they had with us for years to come.

Let us be your trusted partner in exploring the wonders of Dubrovnik, and allow us to create an experience that will exceed your expectations.

Browse our website to discover the wide array of unique and unforgettable experiences and one-day tours we offer. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, or a food enthusiast, we have something to cater to every traveler’s interests.

Contact us today to start planning your dream vacation in Dubrovnik, and let us take you on a journey you will never forget.

exploring the wonders of Dubrovnik

If you book two group tours with us you get a free walking tour of Old city Dubrovnik

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Why choose Amico Tours?

Provide a relaxed, safe, and most importantly fun trip, and take you to places off the beaten path so you can make discoveries and enjoy natural beauties.

Specializing in small groups, giving you the feeling of individual experience that you are seeking.

Small groups

Specializing in small groups, giving you the feeling of individual experience that you are seeking.

Picture perfect

Enjoy the very best views in the region, take the most stunning, breathtaking pictures that will leave you speechless.

Custom tours

Let us create a tour that fits you perfectly, adjusting for physical limitations, time restraints, or extra participants.

Explore Dubrovnik

Activity tours

Explore Dubrovnik and the southern Adriatic region with our exciting tours. Friendly and hospitable local guides will accompany you on your journey of discovering this region’s natural and cultural beauties.